Our Services

Hair Services

  • Hair Cut $55 and up

    includes wash and blow dry (done with shears and/or razor, along with a dry cut tailored to your hair’s ‘personality’ and to suit your individual style)

  • Wash and Blow Dry $35 and up
  • Bellagio Blow Dry $45 and up

    Soft and voluminous curls, achieved by a blow dryer

  • Updo $70 and up
  • Make-up Application $60 and up
  • Keratin Color-Lock $50 and up
  • Keratin Color Lock Blow Dry $75 and up
  • Bridal Parties Priced upon Consultation
  • Updo Trial $70 and up
  • Makeup Application Trial $60 and up

    On the day of the consultation, an agreement form must be reviewed, by the bride, then signed within one week of the consultation
    Wedding appointments must be scheduled no less than 1 month prior to the wedding date to ensure that your stylist can provide 100% of their attention to the bride and her bridal party

A fee of 50% of the total amount of services will be charged for cancellations after an agreement has been signed

Color Services

  • Roots Only Color $75 and up

    Color is applied to the root area, from 1-2 inches from the scalp

  • Complete Color $120 and up

    Permanent, or semi-permanent, color is applied throughout the entire head, to brighten, enhance, or darken your current shade

  • Partial Foil Highlight $85 and up

    Highlights placed throughout the top half of the head, perfect for a natural look

  • Full Foil Highlight $140 and up

    Highlights placed throughout the entire head

  • Platinum Highlights + $30

    May be added to a full or partial highlight service Fast acting and conditioning for a beautiful, healthy blonde

  • Lowlights + $25 and up

    May be added to a full or partial highlight service, for a contrasting, multi-tonal effect

  • Tone + $25 and up

    Perfects your shade of blonde, adding brilliant shine to your highlights

  • Color Correction Priced upon Consultation

Bellagio Hair & Skin Care is NOT responsible for any damage caused to personal belongings and clothing, if any instructions given by your stylist, are not followed prior to the color service, as smocks are provided for your protection.